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Functional Anatomical Molecular Optical Screening

Integrated Project funded by ICT-FP7 for the period 2012–2016

The FAMOS consortium invites interested clinicians, industry and investors to get in touch and get involved in this exciting project!

How to get involved

FAMOS envisions and operates a number of ‘Application Groups’ each of which focuses on a particular area of clinical interest. You can join one or more of these depending upon your area of expertise and your organisation’s interests.

Application Group Member

If you join as an ‘Application Group Member’, you will be kept up-to-date with non-confidential project developments by email, and will be invited to all of the public meetings of the Applications Group at which key results and progress will be presented and discussed. Your input at these meetings will be gratefully received. There is no membership charge or commitment required from you.

To join, send your email and contact details to the FAMOS Exploitation Manager, Jon Holmes (see below).

Application Group Project Partner

If you would like to get actively involved in the FAMOS project, this is welcomed by the FAMOS consortium. You can join as an ‘Application Group Project Partner’ if you are willing to commit resources (cash or in-kind) towards the Group’s goals. In return, you will receive early access to confidential results and IP generated by FAMOS. You must sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement and your application must be approved by the FAMOS Consortium.

If you are interested to join as an Application Group Project Partner, please contact the FAMOS Exploitation Manager with:

  • Details of yourself and your organization
  • What you are bringing to FAMOS in terms of expertise and offer of resources
  • What you hope to gain from becoming involved with FAMOS

The Application Groups

  • Non-melanoma skin cancer diagnosis
  • Melanoma skin cancer diagnosis
  • Sub-cellular retinal imaging
  • Photo-acoustic endoscopic imaging

Contact us now to join the FAMOS community!

Enquiries regarding Application Groups

Portrait of Jon Holmes
Jon Holmes

Jon Holmes
FAMOS Exploitation Manager
Chief Executive Officer

Michelson Diagnostics Ltd
11A Grays Farm Production Village
Kent, BR5 3BD Tel: +44 20 8308 1695
United Kingdom

E-Mail Icon famos@vivosight.com

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